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Fun Face Master - The fun photo software

Replace any fun face from any fun photo

Fun Face Master is a fun photo edit software. You can use it to replace face on any body. Just 3 clicks, you can put the Superman face replaced with your face. Or let your turned into Soldiers, Knight, Nuns, Mona lisa, Astronaut, President etc. The software include more than 390 high quality funny templates, or you can use the Mask Edit Tools to create your own template. Create a joke photo to shake your friends now!

Top New Features of Fun Face Master

1. 200+ high quality templates. Holiday, Roll Play, Celebrity etc.

2. The Mask Edit Tool will help you create your own templates.

3. Adjust photo is very easily and quickly.

4. Share photo with your friends. Put it to Facebook, blog etc.

5. Add Text to your amazing photo.

Fun Face Master 1.7 Released, What's new

How to use my Face Photo to create Fun Face Photo

How to replace a face in a picture

How to Swap Face Photo with Fun Face Master

How to face swapping in Fun Face Master




Compatible with

Windows 7


Compatible with
Windows 8

Authoritative Comments:

Needing for some fun that can take you in and out of all the pictures and images from any where? Well Fun Face Master 1.0 is sure on its way towards you to amuse everyone who wants to view themselves as the one of the super heroes or iconic personalities. The Fun Face Master is a simple and easy to use photo editing software application that is needless to say will provide you with all kinds of fun you carve for with all sorts of pictures. With this application you can work in a much simpler way than Adobe Photoshop and use it to comfortably cut the faces of you or your friends from the images you have and past them one any image available with you or in your internet.

Fun Face Master is a handy application that enables you to replace the face on multiple body templates. With just a few click, you will be able to have your face on the Superman body! The program comes with a variate collection of templates. You only have to browse for your face picture, choose the template and you're done! Prior to saving your work, you can edit the picture with the Mask Editor.
User Review:

It's a funny photo software. Your response was quick and solved my problem. I am now able to use the software again. I will continue to recommend this program to my friends in the future as I have done in the past. I will be sure to let them know that the customer service is also excellent.

 - Justin Ward 10/01/2012 9:18 PM

I recently purchases Fun Face Master. I wanted to let you all know what an excellent product you have there! I have been burned before with other software but Fun Face Master does everything advertised. thank you for such an excellent product!

 ?Carolin Gallagher 10/15/2012 10:18 AM

It's very funny to have it around. You could make all kinds of funny picture using your face picture. Thank you so much! I'm really sorry to bother you so many times, You are very good to me and as I love your products I will be your loyal customer forever. Thanks again.

 -John Hanks 10/25/2012 12:28 AM

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