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What's New for Fun Face Master

Version 1.72 Released Sep 15, 2014
  • Fixed can't upload photo to facebook.
  • Fixed some bugs.
Version 1.71 Released Jan 24, 2014
  • Fixed drag drop bug - Semi-transparent image can not display when dragging
  • Fixed some bugs.
Version 1.7 Released 2013-12-24 Merry Christmas!
  • Add 60+ new templates to new version. Include U.S. Drama, Christmas, New Movie Poster, American Football, New Year Templates. Total 470+ cool templates in full version!
Full Version Templates
  • Add 50+ Christmas and new year props to new version. You can use these props photo to create funny photos.
Christmas and Year year Props
New Props
  • Add show preview image Function: Shows preview image when click a thumbnail.
  • Add template/face manager: Make you easier to select a template/face.
  • Speed up thumbnail display.
Version 1.61 Released 2013-10-31 Happy Halloween!
  • Add 20+ new templates to new version. Total 420+ cool templates in full version!
Full Version Templates
  • Add 55+ cool halloween props to new version. You can use these props photo to create funny photos.
New Props
New Props
  • Speed up image loading.
  • Enhanced camera function.
  • Add more functions.
Version 1.61 Released 2013-10-02
  • Add Custom T-shirt and Mug Print service.
Version 1.6 Released 2013-09-27
  • Add 60+ new templates for new version. Total 395 cool templates!
Resing Picture

  • Add check for new update function. Automatic check for updates.
Resing Picture
  • Add options function. You can set some parameters.
Resing Picture
  • Add tips function.
Resing Picture
  • Add save complete Notice function. After save the image, The program will remind you. You can open the image or open the output folder.
Resing Picture
  • Fixed a bug: The program will crash when save the template mask.
Version 1.5 2013-03-06

Add Resize Functions - You can resize your picture for output.

Resing Picture


Add Webcam Functions - You can capture face picture from your webcam.

Capture picture from webcam


Add More Templates - Add 10+ templates to new version.

Bug Fixed - Fix menu bugs.


Version 1.4 - 2012-12-24

Add More Templates - The new version add 60+ new templates.

Add "Upload photo to facebook" function - Now you can upload your photo to your facebook account, and give your friend a surprise!

Version 1.3 2012-11-22

Add Wizard Functions - The Wizard Function will help you to create fun photo step by step.

If you first use the Fun Face Master, Please use the Wizard to help you to create fun picture.


Fun Face Wizard - Index

Select a body template

Fun Face Wizard - Select a body template

Select a fun face

Fun Face Wizard - Select a fun face

Select the head area

Fun Face Wizard - Select the head area

Face Position

Fun Face Wizard - Face Position, Resizing, Rotating

Face Color

Fun Face Wizard - Face Color Setting

Add Text

Fun Face Wizard - Add Text to Fun Face


Fun Face Wizard - Output fun picture to hard disk

Add More Templates - Add 12 fun templates for Thanksgiving Day.

Version 1.2 2012-11-1

Add Project Functions - You can save your design to a project file, and you can open it in next time.

  1. Support The .FFMP File Format ( Fun Face Master Project ) .
    .FFMT File Format (Fun Face Master Project)

  2. Support Drag and Drop Function. You can Drag your .FFMP file and Drop on main window, the file will be opened.

  3. Support Double-Click to Open Project Function. Select your .FFMP file and Double-Click it, the file will be opened.

  4. Support the Open Recent File Lists Function. Use Recent Project list to quickly open the files you use most often.

    Open Recent File Lists Function



Add Main Menu Functions - You can use the main menu to edit project.

Main Menu


Support More Shortcut Key:

Project Event Shortcut Key
New Project Ctrl + N
Open Project Ctrl + O
Close Project Ctrl + W
Save Project as Ctrl + Shift + S
Save Project Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Exit Ctrl + Q
Layer Edit Event Shortcut Key
Layer Delete Delete
Layer Rotate Left PgUp
Layer Rotate Right PgDn
Layer Zoom In Home or +
Layer Zoom Out End or -
Layer Up Up
Layer Down Down
Layer Left Left
Layer Right Right
Zoom Event Shortcut Key
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + -
Zoom Fit Ctrl + 0
Preview Space

Add Two Samples - Hallowmas.ffmp and President.ffmp, you can find them at Menu->Samples.

Some Bugs Fixed.

Version 1.2 2012-10-09

Add Photo Export Function - Now you can resize your photo, And add the thumbnail to your photo, setting the position, border size, border color.

Export Form - You can use it to setting export picture.



Add Suggest Button - If you have any questions or suggestions, Please contact me.

Add 25 Cool Templates - Include baseball, gangnam style, poster and more.

Some Bugs Fixed.


Version 1.0

The First Release - 2012-09-27 16:00


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